Middle School

The strong bridge students need to successfully transition from elementary to high school

7th grade

  • Blended learning classroom – combining the best of digital and in-person cross-curricular education experiences
  • Leadership Retreat – overnighter at the start of the year synergizing as a class to create our culture for success
  • End-of-Year Questival – 24 hour life skills building activity
  • Introduction to high school work with Earth Science class using #1 ASU Prep Digital curriculum
  • Monthly community service activities as a class, on and off campus
  • Young Leaders class – leadership training in Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Monthly off-campus lunch
  • Entrepreneurship instruction culminating in “Shark” Tank competition
  • Specialty classes in art, PE, computers, music
  • Focused map study to build geographical acumen
  • Foreign language available as an alternative option
  • Optional after school study hall with classroom teacher bi-monthly
  • Extra time scheduled for core classes (see below)

Core Teacher: Nicole Nielsen – B.A. History, Leader In Me Certificate, PBL Endorsement, TBRI (Trust-Based Relationship Training) Endorsement, Blended Learning Educator Credential/Coach 


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