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Lower and Middle Schools

Our Elementary students are Preschool, beginning at 3 years old,  through 4th grade. Our focus is teaching students to become successful daily leaders. Ivy Hall creates a safe and impactful learning environment where students are given individualized time and attention academically, socially, and emotionally. We care about the whole child, where students can Find their Voice, achieving daily success as they are loved and supported by encouraging, kind, and caring teachers who know them individually.

We seek to know each student personally, connecting with their families and understanding their needs in every way. Students create lasting friendships and serve one another. Students lead by example and help other students make daily adjustments to their behavior so that we create a culture of kindness and inclusiveness.

Our middle school program offers a blended learning environment that combines digital and in-person education across subjects. It includes a Leadership Retreat to build class unity at the start of the year, an End-of-Year Questival for life skills, and an Earth Science class using ASU Prep Digital. Monthly community service, leadership training, and off-campus lunches are part of the experience.

Students also engage in entrepreneurship instruction with a “Shark Tank” competition, specialty classes in art, PE, computers, and music, and map study for geographical knowledge. They have the option of learning a foreign language and can attend an optional after-school study hall. Additionally, extra time is allocated for core classes. This comprehensive program focuses on academic and personal development.

Our daily success is when students are sad to leave and excited to be at school. We know every student personally, so they are seen and heard, loved, and taught to believe in themselves and become the best version of themselves. All are welcome.

A Day in the Life

Ivy Hall Academy teaches a combination of core and specialist classes to form a solid, well-rounded academic education. Each subject is vertically aligned from year to year so that knowledge builds upon itself for stronger connections throughout the learning process. Classes are taught one grade level ahead in all classrooms, to facilitate rigorous academic learning and growth.

Ivy Hall Academy teaches a combination of core and specialist classes to form a solid, well-rounded academic education. Each subject is vertically aligned from year to year so that knowledge builds upon itself for stronger connections throughout the learning process. Classes are taught one grade level ahead in all classrooms, to facilitate rigorous academic learning and growth.

Beginning in 2017 Project Based Learning is the way in which teachers are trained to teach the core subjects and the lesson plans are derived from PBL curriculum.

Each grade level has a ‘publish’ to share with parents when students complete a module in any core subject that allows them to share what they’ve learned.

We have an annual PBL Fair where students showcase their learning and understanding of an “Essential Question” that focuses the students on a collective topic they research, have field trips, guest speakers, and create a project or presentation to share. Parents come to each class’s presentation and the whole school participates in the evening to see and share what all students school-wide have learned.

School Driving Question:

2017: World Cultural Fair

2018: 3rd grade NASA (Wit and Wisdom/module related)

2019: 3rd grade Our New Home: Immigration

2020: A Place Called Home: How can my service make a difference in my home, community and world?

2021: “Our audacity to Imagine helps push the boundaries of possibility”

2022: How can I become a Change maker?

2023: World Cultural Fair 

Our focus on core curriculum in the mornings and specialties offered in the afternoons gives both teachers and students time to ‘deep dive’ into subjects that allow greater student learning.

A typical morning includes curriculum from Great Minds: Eureka math, ELA is leveled for each grade including: Wit and Wisdom, Novel study, 6 Traits Writing, spelling and vocabulary, grammar, the English Code taught from Phono-graphix and Secret Stories, Greek & Latin roots, and handwriting; cursive beginning in 2nd grade. Geography of the 7 continents begins in Kindergarten and students learn the countries, oceans and landforms of the world, studying a continent a month, through 7th grade.

During Ivy Hall’s comprehensive English language arts instruction students encounter wit, wisdom, wonder, rigor, and knowledge. They learn literature, history, art, and science all have a place in ELA instruction building rich layers of knowledge through experiencing complex texts and ideas shaping great writers, thinkers, and leaders. Students use the Socratic method to create constructive conversations where they ask good questions and learn to find the answers. Creativity, respectfully agreeing and disagreeing, noticing, wondering; are all part of the learning process that gives students a voice, and long lasting connections to their learning.

Our research-based reading program is a phonetic-linguistic approach to teaching reading based on the English code from sound to symbol. Lessons employ three requisite skills to access such a code, as understood within the field of neuroscience: segmenting, blending, and phoneme manipulation.

Ivy Hall does not teach common core, nor do we give state testing to our students.

Math and ELA (English Language Arts) are taught school wide at the same times of day. This allows us to rotate students in every class, to attend the math/ELA lesson that meets their academic needs. We are committed to meeting students where the show mastery, fill in holes of key concepts missed, and accelerate their learning, at individual levels. All students can rotate classrooms to meet their academic needs, and still attend their other classes with their grade level peers.

Assessments are administered frequently throughout the school year, as often as needed, to continue to support and challenge students. We believe a student challenged will rise to the occasion. No student is limited in which class they attend, we move them between classrooms, as needed, to continue to stretch their knowledge. Students move to other classes to either receive review of what they don’t know yet, or to be challenged to a higher level for growth. By having data driven instruction, teachers adapt lesson plans to continually teach to the levels the students are learning at, and fill in holes that may be missing, and keep them on track for meeting and then exceeding expectations.

Bringing the newest and latest research in Brain Science learning, is taught and discussed by our faculty in professional development training throughout the school year. Understanding the way in which children learn and can retain information is a focus at Ivy Hall. Student success is built into the academic day and is supported by trained teachers who are always striving to meet their individual needs.

The typical afternoon schedule at Ivy Hall consists of Social Studies and Science. In addition are what we refer to as “Specialties” which are taught by experienced teachers in the following subjects: Art, Music, PE, Computers: Coding, keyboarding, Digital responsibility and correct use of technology, Spanish is offered optionally to Kindergarten – 2nd grade and is taught whole group in 3rd and 4th grade, twice a week, Chinese and French are also taught as an optional ‘pull out’ classes to all students.

Entrepreneurship is a founding subject taught in all classes Kindergarten through 7th grade. Utilizing sound business practices taught at all levels of understanding, students learn about money, business, and entrepreneurship as part of the weekly curriculum. Once students are in 3rd grade and up, they begin to conceptualize products and actually design business plans to sell and make a profit. Once students are in High School, they are invited to participate in our school wide “Fish Tank” competition, and win cash prizes for their innovation and designs.

Citizenship is woven into the PBL projects created in classrooms connected to English and Social Studies through the school year. Teaching patriotism and a love of community, state, country and our world, is fundamental to our students. Student-led service projects are designed by grade level and sometimes at a school level, each year. We are raising great leaders who find opportunities to give back, and we share our abundance of kindness everywhere we go.


Faculty at Ivy Hall are the core of our success and are carefully selected to fit our culture and expectations for excellence in the classroom and must have a willingness to grow and learn. All teachers have monthly Professional Development and participate in Professional Learning Communities, in which they study, reflect and share their knowledge and support each other.

A mentor teacher is on staff, who works with all new teachers for their first year to guide classroom management, clarify expectations in lesson planning and daily execution of engaging and impactful lessons. Returning teachers also need support when faced with daily challenges and need hands-on help to adjust and meet the needs of the students.

Faculty attend bi-annual trainings for 2 day trainings allowing continual growth and implementation of better and new processes, procedures and tools available to teachers. Collaboration with other private school teachers helps us improve and keep up with continual learning to keep Ivy Hall at the forefront of education.

In addition to faculty, Ivy Hall has a relationship with UVU and we have the privilege of bringing 10-12 interns to help facilitate learning and safety in classrooms and on the playground. We are grateful for their desire to learn and we often hire from those who intern with us.

Class Sizes and Personalized Attention

Class enrollment/student cap:


Preschool Foundations and Preschool: 12 students

Kindergarten Foundations: 15 students

Kindergarten w/Aide: 16 students

1st grade – 2nd grade: 18 students

3rd -7th grade: 20 students


Homeroom teachers are given time to pull students individually or in small when they are going to Specialty classes in the afternoons. This gives teachers quality time to assess needs in core subjects, help students who have fallen behind, or give extra support as needed. Having the time and ability to give this much consistent personal attention is shown very valuable to the students academic and emotional success. When students feel heard, seen and have a personal connection with their teachers it builds trust. This trust allows for transparency between teacher and student. Small class sizes are critical to this model to provide students with a more intimate connection with teachers, and they want to perform and grow, because that trust is built and is long lasting.


We offer consistent support to students behaviorally, socially, and emotionally with a full time Behavior Technician and her assistant on staff. With an RBT background, both teachers have daily access to support student success by meeting with teachers, parents and administrators, to create personal plans to fill missing needs the student requires to be successful at school and at home. We work synergistically together in as needed meetings, documenting progress and working towards goal driven outcomes.


An independent speech-language pathologist, Suzanne Sawyer MS, CCC-SLP,  on campus once a week to offer support to students with academic and social needs. She give support for speech sound and language disorders, social language skills, executive functions, and auditory perception.

There is a full time Reading Specialist who daily helps struggling students with their reading and comprehension. Mrs. Tavia Pierce works closely with teachers and pulls students individually or in small groups, setting goals to improve reading skills.

Co-Curricular Activities

From year to year Ivy Hall has clubs and afterschool programs driven by teacher qualifications and talents, and student requests.

2023-2024 Robotics Club is being offered after school two days a week.

We have teachers who offer violin and piano lessons at school.

Tutoring for academic support is available upon request.

Field Trips are a fundamental part of Ivy Hall’s Curriculum. There are at least 3-4 field trips a year that correlate with classroom curriculum. Whether it’s to the aquarium, planetarium, one of our many nearby museums or exhibits at our neighboring BYU and UVU campuses, students are given many opportunities to be off campus and are given enriching hands-on experiences by exploring the vast options available to us in Utah. Ivy Hall owns two 15 passenger vans that allow students to experiences nearby venues and ‘get out into the world’ to add to their classroom learning experience.

Christ Centered Christmas Program: Is conducted every year by a music teacher who selects appropriate songs and with parent support teaches uplifting and connecting songs to bring families together at Christmas time.

Spring Program: At year end Preschool students perform for their parents singing songs and performing to celebrate a successful year together.

Kindergarten Graduation: Students have a special year end celebration of their graduation day, parents and families are invited to hear their students sing, perform and share their milestone ‘first’ graduation.

Hope of America: Students 1st through 7th grade have an incredible opportunity to sing and perform at the Marriott Center in May, singing 14 amazing Patriotic songs, dancing to celebrate ‘All Kinds of People’ on the floor of the Marriott center and be a part of an exhilarating experience with thousands of students from the Valley, honoring the greatest of our country and our forefathers.

Middle School students have a unique opportunity to participate in an American Studies Trip each Fall. This once in a lifetime trip begins in London and ends in Boston:

Citizenship is reinforced and impactful as traveling the world is one of the most unique and memorable opportunities we are able to offer our Ivy Hall students! Last year, 7th and 8th grade students participated in an American Studies tour of London and Boston to support their study of the events leading up to the Revolution and founding of our nation in 1776.

On this year’s trip will tour London and learn about what led to the American Revolution, setting the stage for what was to become the United States of America. After our time in London, we will fly across the pond to Boston, to see sites such as the Freedom Trail, Boston Harbor, Lexington & Concord, Bunker Hill, and much more.

While this is an optional trip to our students, we open the opportunity for them to attend during their 6th-8th grade years so they might go at least once.

World Studies Tour: Every year there is a world wide trip open first to our High School students, and when there is space, Middle school students may join with a chaperon. Here are the locations we’ve visited so far:

2014: Italy 

2015: Shanghai, China

2016: Machu Picchu, Peru




2021: Egypt and Jordan

2022: Vietnam and Cambodia

2023: Turkey and Greece

PTO Activities

Ivy Hall has a very involved and devoted PTO President and group of parents who create amazing, fun and enjoyable activities throughout the year. These are open to students, their entire families, friends and neighbors.

Back to School Night

Back to School Movie Night

Fall Festival

Halloween Parties

Christmas Parties

Spirit Week

Muffins and Moms Day

Donuts and Dads Day

5K Color Fun Run


Ivy Hall has been supporting the Sundance Ski School Program for 35 years. Every Monday in January and February classes dismiss at 12:00pm and students Kindergarten – 7th grade have a half day of school. Students who would like to take advantage of the Utah Snow, must be 8 years old, and can sign up for lessons at Sundance. Ivy Hall parents help coordinate carpools for students to get to Sundance for afternoon ski lessons.

Those who may like to ski other places are encouraged to do so with friends and family, or take the day as a Family Day to relax together.

Teachers will offer ‘extended’ classes that can be signed up for directly with teachers who offer them. This allows students to stay at school for the regular school day.

Character Building

Ivy Hall is an enthusiastic Leader In Me school where Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits guide our actions, shape our interactions, and provide a common language for behavior management. Through Leader In Me, students learn that everyone can be a leader and everyone has genius. Each student understands that change starts with the individual and is empowered to lead his/her own learning, resulting in whole-person development.

Instead of focusing on academic measures alone, Leader in Me embodies a holistic approach to education, redefining how schools measure success. This approach empowers educators with effective practices and tools to:

  • teach LEADERSHIP to every student,
  • create a CULTURE of student empowerment,
  • and align systems to drive results in ACADEMICS.

Every class starts the day with a Devotional. This includes a prayer, as a non-denominational school, students may invite a Higher Power by offering a prayer of gratitude and inviting a peaceful and positive spirit to the school day. This is followed by our respect to our Country and forefathers by standing and reciting the pledge of allegiance. Then the first 5-10 minutes focus on our Leader In Me curriculum, highlighting the 8 Habits and having a discussion with the students about how to apply the habits into daily life. These devotionals allow for student connection and sets the positive tone for the day.

Monthly assemblies are conducted by each class, sharing lessons learned in daily devotionals. Our 7th grade student Leaders conduct the assemblies (as well as our annual Christmas and Spring Programs). Each grade has several students highlighted and they are given “Leadership Awards” and acknowledged for their example to their classmates and peers. Guest speakers are also invited throughout the school year to share their expertise in a topic that’s applicable to the times and group,

Technology Integration

Technology is a critical component of teaching and learning in the 21st Century and the fast paced world our children live in. We are very aware of the need to teach students Digital Responsibility and give them adequate exposure to digital technology that will help them be successful, to be college and career ready.

Every classroom at Ivy Hall has a Smart TV installed for teacher use. Teachers 1st through 7th grade are given an iPad from which to access all our digital curriculum and to use as a tool to follow along with students as they complete their classwork on paper. Videos and documents are cast to the tv’s in order to keep student engagement and to share the various Blended Learning teaching tools we keep up to date with at our Professional Development training in conjunction with ASU and Utah Online Schools.

We are aware of the amount of screen time students are exposed to and our commitment is to keep it minimal and only to be used as a tool, not a toy.

Our younger grade classrooms have been given sets of touch screen chromebooks so students may use them in stations/centers on teacher selected sites, which are controlled and monitored.

We utilize classroom sets of chromebooks to students who are able to begin typing, research and completing tasks that reinforce learning that has already taken place from their teacher. The time on chromebooks is also minimal, our focused teaching time is always direct instruction.