PRESCHOOL Half Day $ 4200 /yr
PRESCHOOL Full Day $ 7800 /yr
LOWER & MIDDLE K-7th $ 8700 /yr
HIGH SCHOOL 8th -12th $ 10000 /yr


Tuition is payable in one of three different plans. A non-refundable enrollment deposit of $1,000 per full-time student or $500 per part-time preschool student is payable upon acceptance (applied toward tuition).

  • The Full-Payment Plan requires that the remaining tuition balance be paid by August 1st. Tuition insurance is recommended but not required.
  • The Two-Payment Plan requires 60% of remaining tuition balance on August 1st, with the remaining 40% due on February 1st. Tuition Insurance is REQUIRED.
  • The Monthly Payment Plan requires payment of the remaining tuition balance paid over eight months with the first payment due July 1st and the final payment due February 1st. There is no interest charged with this plan. Tuition Insurance is REQUIRED.


The school does not grant refunds for late entrance, absence, withdrawal or dismissal. The obligation of the parent to pay tuition and fees for the entire school year is unconditional. To assist parents in meeting this obligation, we offer the Hanover Group Tuition Refund Insurance, which is required under the Two-Payment and Monthly Payment Plans. It is optional under the Full-Payment Plan. The cost of this insurance is 2.6% of the 2022-23 annual tuition. Information on the Hanover Group Tuition Refund Insurance is available through the Admissions Office.


Enrollment Deposit: $1,000 NON-Refundable Deposit per full-time student or $500 NON-Refundable Deposit per part-time preschool/K-Foundations student (applied toward tuition balance)

Registration Fee: $100 per year per student

Book Fee: 

  • Preschool: $100 per year per student
  • K-12th grades: $250 per year per student
  • Foreign Language PS-7th: $200 per year additional book fee


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