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Vision Statement

Engaging Responsible, Interdependent, Life-Long Learners, who are College and Career-Ready, to Lead Lives of Meaningful Contribution

Mission Statement

LEADERSHIP is the unique opportunity offered to Ivy Hall students.  As we develop leadership attributes, we learn who we are, we find our passions, we develop our character, and begin to use our voice to contribute to the world.  Learning leadership teaches students to be self-reflective in their thoughts and actions, to continually course correct, and thereby learn from experience the great responsibility of leadership.

LEADERSHIP is a process.  The journey of leadership is the process by which we as teachers, administrators, students and parents pursue excellence—a process of continued growth and improvement.  Together we strive for excellence in education, excellence in spirit, and excellence in service.  It is the very nature of leadership to learn, to change, and to give back.  Leadership cannot be taught without first being lived.  As we seek to lead each other, we must first lead ourselves in righteous living, being true to that which we espouse.

LEADERSHIP is strength in humility. Humility binds leadership to learning. Without humility, learning ceases. The more we open our hearts, minds, and circles to learn from others, the greater our capacity to lead. As our world grows increasingly smaller, our reach grows increasingly larger—ever learning, forever leading.

Believing every child can be a leader, creating the environment, and engaging students, faculty, community, and curriculum in that belief is the mission of Ivy Hall Academy. 

Core Values


We believe in providing our students with the skills and habits that foster both independent and collaborative learning in order to develop a lifelong love of learning.


Because students have many different learning styles, cross-curricula integration of themes and ideas helps produce a more well-rounded student.


Living the value of integrity reminds students that reaching for their personal best in all aspects of their lives, includes a devotion to honesty and doing what they believe is right academically, socially, and spiritually.


A culture of acceptance and inclusion irrespective of race, religion, or background promotes both a safe and reassuring learning environment.


Our focus on building leaders provides our students with a blueprint to being an influence for good throughout the world.


Partnerships with institutions of higher education, conferences, workshops and research keep our teachers, administration, curriculum and techniques on the cutting edge of innovation for the success of our students in a competitive global environment.