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Why Ivy Hall?


What makes us THE BEST Private School Program in the valley?


“Home Away From Home”

  • Values taught at home are reinforced here
  • Daily prayer and a short morning devotional begin every day and set the tone.
  • A blessing on the food is offered in each class before lunch.
  • Classical music plays in the background during classroom studies.
  • Hot lunch is supplied by the Provo School District.

A Safe Place

  • Our doors are locked. We monitor all who enter and exit our school.
  • Bad language and inappropriate behavior are addressed and corrected.
  • Teachers have a genuine love of children.

Extracurricular Activities

  • We ski / snowboard at Sundance for 6 weeks in January and February.
  • Classes regularly go on field trips related to their studies.
  • Drama Club is coached after school.

Individual Attention Means Academic Acceleration

  • Small class sizes allow individual attention. (Maximum of 20 children per class)
  • Saxon Math and Phonics are used throughout the school.
  • Delta Science program has extensive hands-on opportunities.
  • Infinite Mind, a computer speed reading program originated in Japan, allows faster reading and better comprehension.
  • Spanish is taught in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.
  • Choir is held each week.
  • A “Copy the Masters” art focus is in place for 4th – 6th grades.
  • Students score high on the S.A.T. testing in 1st – 8th grades.
  • For more information on our curriculum, click here.


If you have a chance, come by and visit us. We would enjoy taking you on a tour and introducing you to our teachers. We’re confident you’ll find that what is important to you is important to us!