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Opportunities and Amenities

World Studies

It is our belief that students in this day and age are not familiar enough, for the most part, with the world around them.

In order to have them become more familiar with the geography of the world, we have developed a World Studies program whereby students learn the location of countries in all the continents. They also learn the location of islands and bodies of water. Each month we study a different continent and develop a greater proficiency of locating the countries of the seven continents.

Students then look “over the mountain” and realize there is much to discover. When they hear of news events in, or visits by friends to, some faraway place, they have a pretty good concept of where it is. A knowledge of the world enhances their appreciation for life and the events which happen in the making of history.


All of our teachers in 2nd through 8th grades are using Teacherease – a program which tracks students’ grades. Teachers enter the grades for assignments and parents may access the information at any time. They can check if assignments have been turned in and the scores earned on all class work. The program will give a running average for each subject and if there are concerns, parents may contact the teacher. In this way, parents know at all times how their student is doing.

The Value of Reading Daily

For many years we have had our students read 20 minutes at home each day. It is part of their homework. In the younger grades, we ask parents to read with their child for the 20 minutes. We have always felt that this is a minimum, but an important habit to develop. The love of reading goes hand in hand with the love of learning. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “The future belongs to those who prepare for it.” We feel this is an excellent way in which to prepare for success.

In 2003, Olene Walker became Governor of Utah. In December 2003 Walker unveiled her “Read with a Child” early literacy initiative, designed to encourage adults to read with a child for at least 20 minutes a day – “the most important 20 minutes of your day.”

How that rang true with our philosophy! And how beneficial that our students and parents had been introduced to the concept years ago. “Richer than me you never can be – I had a mother who read to me.”

Power Hours

In the summer of 2003, we, as a Staff, discussed the fact that many children have forgotten the joy of service.

Knowing that we are all busy, and that the love of service comes from positive experiences, we decided to have a monthly service activity with the goal of having students work hard for one hour – thus, the “Power Hour”. We have cleared the playground for new equipment, installed the new equipment, cleaned and weeded a city park, collected for UNICEF, made lunches for the Food and Care Coalition, collected books for the Boys & Girls Club and the Family Support and Treatment Center, made/collected bookmarks and stationery for the Youth Corrections Facility, bought school supplies for Reach the Children, collected clothing for a village in Uganda, and brought in supplies for the House of Hope.

Each month our students have an opportunity to think of someone else and do something to meet their needs. It helps all of us become better citizens as we follow the admonition of the Savior: “As I have loved you, love one another.”