Susan Hoelzer


I am excited to join the Ivy Hall community as a high school math teacher. After completing a masters degree in mathematics at Brigham Young University, I worked for a short time as an actuarial student then started my teaching career at the Waterford School, a liberal arts, college-preparatory private school in Sandy, Utah. At this time I also began teaching night classes for the BYU Salt Lake Center. After a move to San Jose, California, my focus was to care for my young family, yet I found additional fulfillment through tutoring individuals in mathematics. In 2017, I returned to teaching math at Presentation High School, an all-girls Catholic high school in San Jose. While at Waterford and Presentation, I had the opportunity to teach students who struggled with beginning algebra, and I also taught advanced classes such as AP Calculus AB and AP Statistics.

While teaching at BYU, most of my students were not mathematics majors, but were enrolled in the course to fulfill a general education or major requirement. Over the years I taught Intermediate Algebra, Quantitative Reasoning, College Algebra, Applied Calculus, and Concepts of Mathematics for Elementary Education Majors. My goal was to not only teach my students the concepts necessary to pass the class but to also help them appreciate the applications of math in their lives.

As a teacher, I strive to look beyond any apparent attitude or limitation to see the potential in each student. I make every effort to get to know my students so I can personalize my teaching to help them understand mathematics. It is my desire to share my love for math while inspiring others to find their own passion; hopefully a few of them will find it in mathematics, too.


Orange for pumpkins, green for grass, blue for the sky…I appreciate diversity and can’t limit myself to a single favorite color.

Spring—I love the freshness and renewal along with the warmer and longer days.

Volleyball and travel

I was born in Salt Lake City and raised in Bountiful, Utah.

I love Hawaii and its outdoor adventures, but I also love to visit the museums and historical locations throughout Europe.


May 1


I would love to have you as one of my amazing 2nd grade students to learn and grow together!