Mary Hill


As a child my playtime activity of choice was always pretending to be a school teacher. I prepared rolls, worksheets, etc., and most certainly, I tried the patience of my family and friends, also known as, the students! My professional life initially lead me to the business world where I enjoyed success. Once I had children, matching the schedule of my own four little ones lead me to education and perhaps back to my passion of teaching.

My prior experience was with Kindergarten and now teaching Pre-K at Ivy Hall Academy is a perfect fit. I fall head over heels for the sweet students that enter my classroom and pass them along at the end of the year with a heavy heart. I have completed my fourth year at Ivy Hall, helping to build our Pre-K into a strong academic program. I love seeing the light turn on in the eyes of my students as they learn to read! Academics are balanced with learning social skills through creative play, with the highest emphasis in our class being the development of character and morals through embracing the 8 Habits.

I graduated from Timpview High School, I served a mission to Chile and still speak Spanish sufficiently. My husband, Jeff, and I are at home in Provo. We are a BYU family. I am true blue through and through. I am also, however, thrilled for my oldest son, Taylor, who will soon graduate from the University of Utah and apply for medical school. He loves music, and his wife of less than one year, Morgan. She is smart and has a keen sense of humor. Alex falls next in the family. He is an amazing artist who loves Disney characters and attends East Bay Post HIgh, a school-to-work program for students with special needs. Jacob just graduated from Timpview High School. He has an engaging speaking voice, a skill for writing and is anxiously awaiting his mission call. Eliza finished her first year of high school, bakes very well, skis, and speaks French.


Mexican Food and Watermelon

Ogden, Utah the nearest hospital to Morgan, Utah where we lived

I’ve had fun trips to Hawaii, California, and Florida. I’d love to cruise the Pacific Northwest.


December 31


I would love to have you as one of my amazing preschool students to learn and grow together!