Mailey Ottley

Office Assistant

My name is Mailey (May-Lee), and I will be going by Mrs. May. I am a Utah native and I have been married to my best friend for five years and we have a beautiful red headed three year old Lenora, who will be at Ivy Hall too.

I have worked for a charter school running their front desk with over 600 students and 70 plus staff members. I made it a goal to try and memorize all of the student’s names along with their parents, I will learn yours quickly too. My previous experience has been in customer service and child care, and I enjoy working in a school environment the most. I absolutely love helping people and making others smile! I am very excited to join the Ivy Hall Academy family and continue to grow, both personally and professionally! Please feel free to introduce yourselves and brag about your students to me. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all.


I would love to have you as one of our amazing students to learn and grow together at Ivy Hall Academy!