Meet the Teachers

Helping kids to reach their potential.

  • Eric Kim
    Eric Kim
  • Mrs Cosman
    Mrs Cosman
  • Mrs Gonzalez
    Mrs Gonzalez
  • Mrs Harken
    Mrs Harken
  • Mrs Hill
    Mrs Hill
  • Mrs Hunter
    Mrs Hunter
  • Mrs Jensen
    Mrs Jensen
  • Mrs Kavmark
    Mrs Kavmark
  • Mrs Kirby
    Mrs Kirby
  • Mrs Knight
    Mrs Knight
  • Mrs Liechty
    Mrs Liechty
  • Mrs Morton
    Mrs Morton
  • Mrs Nielsen
    Mrs Nielsen
  • Mrs Northrup
    Mrs Northrup 6th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs Packham
    Mrs Packham
  • Mrs Richins
    Mrs Richins
  • Mrs Silva
    Mrs Silva
  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith
  • Mrs Tyler
    Mrs Tyler
  • Mrs Tymoschenko
    Mrs Tymoschenko

Meet Principal Liechty

We would love to have you meet the Principal and take a tour of the school. Share some details and we’ll get in touch!

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