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Ivy Hall Chinese program seeks to empower students with the ability to communicate in Mandarin fluently using all four language skills—listening, speaking, reading & writing. Whether in the Chinese Immersion or After School programs, our effective, fun, interactive curriculum aims to help students reach Novice High (see ACFTL Proficiency Guidelines) after their first year. Then they will progress to intermediate fluency within the next few years, with the option of taking AP Chinese at Grade 9/10 and graduating Grade 12 at an Advanced proficiency with the ability to converse comfortably, read newspaper articles, and write short passages in Mandarin.

Ivy Hall Chinese Program’s excellence reflects Ivy Hall’s 30 years of academic excellence—nurturing and challenging students in a caring environment resulting in students performing at one or two grade levels above their peers. Ivy Hall Academy seeks to be Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) & Leader in Me focus creating inspiring stalwart leaders of the 21st century with the ability to problem-solve and be compassionate, contributing global citizens.


Come see for yourself how Ivy Hall is Rethinking Education to create the leaders of tomorrow!


Available programs to fit your needs in learning Mandarin

Chinese Immersion

  • 70/30 focus: We believe in spending 70% of classroom time using English to delve into core / S.T.E.A.M. subjects and 30% of class time entirely immersed in learning Mandarin for communicative reasons, that is student will have 4 hours of Chinese instruction per week during school. Later as Chinese proficiency increases, it’ll become 80/20 focus.
  • Unique curriculum: We will use Utah State recommended Mandarin textbook series plus many more enriching resources to ensure students become proficient in all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, & speaking.
  • Goal: Students will reach Novice High in all language skills by the end of the school year, knowing how to write in simple sentences, and read simple Chinese short story books by themselves. In the long run, students will take the AP Chinese at 9th/10th Grade and graduate at 12th Grade proficient (Advanced) in Mandarin communicating comfortably with native Chinese speakers, reading news articles and writing short passages in Mandarin.

Adult Mandarin

Beginner Level

  • 2 hours/week at Ivy Hall Academy, 6-8pm (Tuesday/Wednesday)
  • Including 2 hours of online learning once a week
  • Tuition: $280/month
  • Starts Sept 8, 2020 to May 7, 2021
  • Learning materials and resources will be provided
  • Goal: Learn conversational Chinese and develop all language skills—listening, speaking, reading, & writing. Achieve a new proficiency HSK level per semester (about every 4 months). Understand the culture, grammar, idioms, nuances of Chinese expressions with the goal of becoming an independent life-long learner of the Mandarin at your own pace after a semester or two.

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