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Welcome to Ivy Hall Chinese Studies: our goal is to use a communicative approach to help our students become literate in all four skills: listening, speaking, reading, & writing, culminating with China summer trips where students can connect with their sister Chinese schools, interact with their Chinese buddies, and provide service and learn in a rich Chinese environment.
Students are grouped according to their Chinese language proficiency, not just grade level only, so students are challenged according to their motivation and ability to study Chinese–we have 2nd graders learning together with 4th graders depending on their circumstances. Although we use the same curriculum, as the Chinese immersion public schools, most of our students are able to cover twice as much as the public immersion schools.  For instance, newbies will learn Utah immersion school’s 1st and 2nd-grade curriculum within a school year. At the fourth grade, students will start reading simplified Chinese newspaper articles and storybooks. At the higher grades, they will be reading newspaper articles (up to HSK 4 intermediate or HSK 5 to low advanced level). Replica Rolex Daytona watches Our goal is to have our students do well not only in their AP Chinese, but also in the internationally recognized HSK exams and be competent Mandarin speakers understanding the language and rich culture.
It’s not too late to start your child in Chinese Studies, newbies are accepted at all grade levels.–so come join our K-12 Chinese studies, including our popular Pre-K Mandarin headstart. We believe in challenging students appropriately and meeting individual needs.


  • 70/30 focus: We believe in spending 70% of classroom time using English to delve into core / S.T.E.A.M. subjects and 30% of class time entirely immersed in learning Mandarin for communicative reasons, that is student will have 4 hours of Chinese instruction per week during school. Later as Chinese proficiency increases, it’ll become 80/20 focus.
  • Unique curriculum: We will use Utah State recommended Mandarin textbook series plus many more enriching resources to ensure students become proficient in all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, & speaking.
  • Goal: Students will reach Novice High in all language skills by the end of the school year, knowing how to write in simple sentences, and read simple Chinese short story books by themselves. In the long run, students will take the AP Chinese at 9th/10th Grade and graduate at 12th Grade proficient (Advanced) in Mandarin communicating comfortably with native Chinese speakers, reading news articles and writing short passages in Mandarin.


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