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What Does Ivy Hall Offer Which Distinguishes It From Other Private Schools?






Our well-rounded curriculum develops scholarship and is enhanced by these features:

  • Class begins every morning with prayer and a five-minute devotional, reinforcing faith.
  • Patriotism is confirmed in recitation of the pledge, memorizations, and music.
  • Small class size (limit of 20) allows participation and individual attention.
  • A monthly service project develops citizenship.
  • Student Council (for grades K-8) is changed each term to give all an opportunity to learn leadership skills.
  • Annual Fall and Spring Socials give parents and students time to socialize.
  • A computer expert instructs students in the online lab.
  • Spanish is taught as a separate subject with its own instructor.
  • TeacherEase allows parents 24-hour access to grades.
  • The web site lists the learning plan, spelling words, and teachers’ messages.
  • Extra-curricular Drama Club is available.
  • The Sundance Ski Program is available in January and February.
  • We have structured recess and emphasize physical fitness.
  • The Covey 7 Habits are taught and leadership skills are developed.

Come and see learning in action!